Basic Sailors/ Pirate Kit- 1700-1730

Calico Trousers with Button Fly, these can be a wide fit or close (but should not be tight), illustrations often indicate a shorter finish than modern fashion but the choice is yours! These are machine stitched on the inside seams for strength and hand-finished. 

Small- Lg £45

Ex lg sizes will cost more.

Also available in canvas- harder wearing and very comfy! £5 extra

These are made to order so please allow time when ordering!

Linen Shirts- £25

Calico Shirts- £20


Clothing also available 100% hand stitched POA


Available in black, veg tan or can be custom dyed (£3 extra)


Left or right hand draw, contact us for buckles available.


from £25

Leather belts- 1" leather belt with brass buckle, handmade and available in all sizes.


Available as standard in up to 40" waist, veg tan (shown), black or brown.


Any finish you want available to order! (allow 1 week for custom orders).




Chunky Belt- 5cm thick, veg tan leather belt. £19.50

Medieval Belts


Simple belts without strapend - £15 (2,3, 5+6)


Belts with Strapend (1+4)£30

Pewter Belts


Available in a range of colours with optional extra fittings.


Basic belts are £25- buckle, belt (veg tan/ brown/ red/ blue or green) and strap end.

Buckles and Strapends Available



Available in a range of styles- add £2 for each you want on your belt.

Belt Pouches


Soft leather pouches with buff leather loop, spine and cover.


Plain £12

Decorated £15



Acorn Top Pouch


£17.50 each

Early Medieval Pouch


£12.50 each


Suitable for the early medieval period this style of pouch continued use far into later periods due to it's simple design and usefulness.

Special Offer! Buy a belt and cartridge pouch for just  £37.50

Cartridge Pouches- ideal for carrying all those odds and ends- prickers, guntools, priming flasks, whisk and pick and of course, cartridges!


For those not using live-firing guns they are ideal for blank rounds, mobile phones, wallets etc.


This type is a small belt pouch similar to those used by C18 soldiers.


Approximately size 6.5" wide, 4.5" high 1.5" wide.  £25

Pewter buttons, these are based on originals suitable for use for English Civil War era through to early C18.


Type 1- Flower pattern, slightly domed.

Type 2- Plain and flat.

Type 3- Flower pattern domed.


all 50p each or 10 for £4.

Leather Pouches/ Bags


Here are a few of the types we can make- almost any size is possible (limited by hide size).


Giant Approx 20cm x15cm  £18

Tall Approx 22cm x10cm     £13

Lg Approx 20cm X10cm      £12


Belt Pouches- Small £6.50, Med £7.50


Standard Coin Pouch £5.50


Calico snapsack, handy for carrying small items of kit or even packed lunch! 

100% hand stitched version £22

machine stitched and hand finished £12

Linen Coif

Handstitched white linen coif

Early 18th Century

Drawstring at nape of neck to adjust for size.


Linen Coif
Handstitched white linen coif. Length of ties 14.5"/37cm.


Cotton Coif 

Handstitched off-white cotton coif

Early 18th Century

Length of ties 14.5"


Cotton Coif
Handstitched off-white cotton coif. Drawstring at nape of neck to adjust for size.

Handstitched white linen pockets.

Length of pockets 11.75"/30cm. Length of waistband 60"/152.5cm.

Linen Apron

100% Hand Stitched