Please Read!

Welcome to the hats page. I make and sell a lot of hats to a lot of different people. If you just want to look cool then go ahead, pick anything! However if you are after a historically accurate hat please check the datelines and information! Note in particular, if you are going for an accurate pirate or sailor portrayal circa 1700 then a tricorn is NOT a commonly worn hat! In fact you'd be better off going to:-


Having said that, a cocked or round hat was often listed in sailors inventories and slop stores- presumably for going ashore not at sea...

Rabbit Fur Felt in Black


I doubt you'll find  better price for a top quality fur felt tricorn!


Hand blocked and sized to fit.


Authenticity Check! Cocked hats (a hat with one or more sides pinned up) were worn by most European men during the Golden Age of Piracy (1680-1725 ish), ironically less so by sailors at sea as a knitted wool hat (like a Thrum hat) was better suited. Do note how they are worn though (often backwards from our point of view) and for late C17-Early C18 a round or partially cocked hat is more common.

Basic round wool hats.


If your trying for an accurate impression for a common working man or even a sailor ashore (and don't want a knitted hat- see top). Then these are a good choice. (a fur felt like above is more accurate but these are a good budget compromise).


£15 Available:- Black, Brown, Red and Pale (pale also a bit stained- ideal for a 'shabby' look)


Additionally can add cuts with repairs, damage to edge, bullet holes etc.


Also available- tarred wool hat £25 (note takes some time to 'cure'!)

Fully trimmed Rabbit Fur Felt with white Ostrich Feathers and Gold Braid in Navy Blue.

This is the ultimate gentlemens hat!



Authenticity Check! Such hats were worn by gentlemen in the Golden Age of Piracy (1680-1725 ish) and some (especially high 'ranking') pirates are reported to have dressed as gentlemen. (such as Bartholomew Roberts depicted below ).

Cocked Hat Wool

£25 Available with choice of trim  and in black, brown or red


These are very popular with re-enactors and historical interpreters where appearance is important but budget is an issue.



Authenticity Check! See above for more on tricorns. Few people in the 18th Centuary would wear wool felt hats but most people won't notice the difference without touching your hat!


Brown cocked hat 'Butterfly' Style, as far as I know this is not a historical style but looks rather pleasing!


Wool Hat in brown with brown trim £25

Basic Trimmed Tricorn £25

Red Wool with Red Double Trim £30

Brown Wool Felt with bronze trim and feathers £45


Black Wool Hat with Ostrich Trim and red trim.



Straw Hat

Ideal for Napoleonic Navy impressions these are available as they are, painted black for the tarred look or tarred in stockholm pitch!


Please note tarred hats take some time to 'cure'- check for availabilily.

Available in small, medium and large.


Normal £12

Painted £16

Tarred £20

Tarred Straw Hat £30


This hat has actually been painted then lightly tarred- giving you the look without taking weeks to 'cure', also won't get too sticky in hot weather.


Can be supplied fully tarred- please allow 1 month to 'cure' (or be prepared to leave to cure in a shed...)


Authenticity Check! We know that after the Golden Age of Piracy (1680-1725 ish) tarred hats, sometimes of straw were worn by sailors but there is no definate evidence for these during the period.


Straw Cocked Hat £10


Available in:- Hemp, Xian (for sailors who have travelled in the Indian Ocean) and Twisted Seagrass (images coming soon).


please specify style - one side cocked, two sides cocked, three sides cocked.


Authenticity Check! Whilst straw hats were available to sailors we have no firm evidence of their being worn by sailors or pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Seagrass Hat £8