Historical Artifact Shop

These items are carefully sourced- many are made by us and all are items we ourselves would use.

To place an order/ ask a question please e-mail [email protected]

Ships Biscuit


Not recommended for consumption!

Thrice baked then stored for several weeks in a sailors sea chest! However they are good props to have for the public (I recommend adding weevils for that extra 'tangy' flavour).


£1 for 3

Drinking Horns- Huge, 2 foot long! Polished and ready for use, holding 2 1/2 to 3 pints each!



Horn Mugs- medium sized


Blowhorns - loud and distinctive- ideal for announcing your arrival in the beertent...


Horn Comb


Horn Cross

approx. 2" high



Horn Spoons- approx. 6"  £3 each

Handmade bone dice £3 each



Small (2" thin) £3 each

Med (2" thick) £5 each

Large  from £11(approx. 4"+)

Large silver colour end cap from £12

German Playing Cards 1588


52 Deck of playing cards has the four suits:- Books, Jars, Ink Pads and Cups. No Jacks or Queens but instead the 'under' and 'over' symbol cards also features a female figure for the 10 of each suit.


Comes with explanation card giving more detail on the artist and suits.


Powder Horns-

fitted with spout and leather carry strap.


£30 each


If you want a particular colour, shape or  size contact me and I'll send a pic!

These ones (right) all available!

Thimble- with tudor rose decoration £2.50



Nice, simple scissors, drop hammer forged and razor sharp.


Pewter spoons Lg.

Ideal for eating your pottage with!


£6 each

Pewter Spoons Med.

A more elegant, smaller spoon


£5 each


Available rusty or 'new' sturdy fully functional padlocks each with 2 keys.


£7 each or 2 for £12

Antler Handled Awls

Ideal for leather work and other tasks.

Come large or small also small curved

£3.50 each




Please note this design is not backed by evidence- snips in Europe had a different design. We will continue to stock them as they are useful for making clothing.


Large needle cases, very nice dark wood about 3" long.

£2 each

Leather Bound Book


Handmade- available in custom sizes/ colours.


This example  (approximately 5"x4") would be £20


Used from English Civil War onwards these were highly effective anti-personell weapons. These are steel hollow spheres fitted with a wooden plug and fuse.  

You must never fill these with explosives they are inert props! 


£4.50 each

Grenados are supplied with a small quantity of modern fuse- use with caution- keep away from face and bare skin!


Comes with 2 keys approx 3" high


Leather Tankard


Sealed with beeswax these are made to order, not suitable for use with hot drinks.


Small (approx 1/2 pint)- £22

Large (approx 1 pint)- £30

Pewter Runes

Choose from (left to right)

Wealth, Protection, Love or Success £2.50 each

Thors Hammer

in silver plate, with silver plated chain £5

with leather thong £4

Brass Acorn

Since ancient times a symbol of good luck these are beautiful pendants.

£3 each

Gold Viking Ship Pendant (plated)

£3.50 each

Cudgels £9

Studded Cudgels £20


Handy for 'less classy' characters these are hand turned by our bodger from green ash. 

Clay Pipes 

£6.50 each

These are based on period pipes and fully functional for period correct smokers!


Different types of shot were used by pirates and seafarers in their cannon. Chain Shot and Bar Shot (in this case expanding barshot) were designed to damage masts and rigging to slow other vessels.


We carry limited stock but can make to order too.


 4lb Cannon Ball £9

4 lb Chainshot (short) £30

4lb Chainshot (long) £35

4lb Expanding Barshot £40

8lb Chainshot (short) £40

William the Conqueror Penny


50p each or 5 for £2


William Duke of Normandy was the first Norman King of England after defeating Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings in October 1066.

Henry 6th Half-Groat


 50p each or 5 for £2

Contemporaneous accounts described him as peaceful and pious, not suited for the dynastic wars, known as the Wars of the Roses, which were to commence during his reign. His periods of insanity and his inherent benevolence eventually required his wife, Margaret of Anjou,  to assume control of his kingdom, which contributed to his own downfall, the collapse of the House of Lancaster and the rise of the House of York.

King John Penny


 50p each of 5 for £2

Despite popular culture John is today usually considered a "hard-working administrator, an able man, an able general".

Edward 1st Groat


60p each or 5 for £2.50


Also known as Edward Longshanks and Hammer of the Scots Edward 1st is remembered for crushing rebellions in Wales, seizing Scotland for himself and expelling jews from England.

Edward 3rd Quarter Noble

Gold plated coin 1327-1377

£1 each, 5 for £4.50


Edward III transformed the England into one of the most formidable military powers in Europe; his reign also saw vital developments in legislation and government—in particular the evolution of the English parliament—as well as the ravages of the black death.

Charles 1st 6 pence piece.


£1 each or 5 for £4.50


Charles 1st needs little introduction, his reign was plagued with civil unrest culminating in his execution in 1649.