A visit to your school really brings history to life!


We normally start with a talk about life in the period which includes handling replica items- from coins to cannon balls!


After this is a demonstration of period weapons including, if appropriate, small arms (pistols/ muskets) and artillary!


We finish with an opportunity to ask any further questions- I can't promise to have all the answers but so far we have been able to answer everything we have been asked!

Topics we can offer:-



Civil Strife -the English Civil War

Nelson's Navy

Wars of the Roses

Saxons and Normans


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Special Offer 2:- School Displays- a whole day of displays- (1 morning, 1 afternoon on same day) for just £50 extra.


Special Offer 3:- Multiple Bookings- save 10% if you book us a second time in the same academic year.