Golden Age of Piracy Reproduction Treasure



Reproduction Bar Silver- in solid pewter (weighs over 200g, approx. 6") £8.50 each


Stamped with Assayers Marks, Owners signature, Foundry Stamp and with Assayers 'bite'.

Pirate Treasure Coins


Get your grubby mitts on a selection of all the 3 pirate varieties listed below!



10 coins for £10


5 round pieces of eight,  4 gold doubloons and  1 handmade pieces of eight.


Pieces of Eight! More commonly referred to as 'Dollars' or Eight Reale Pieces in the period these high quality replicas are our very own product, the coins are hand cast from lead free pewter then each is cut by hand to give it a unique angular shape. Then each is hand struck with a period die.


£2.50 each or 10 for £20


Also can be supplied with a hole drilled on a silver plated chain. £3.50

Doubloons- these are the best replicas I could source, this stamp design was in use throughout the Golden Age of Piracy as well as before and after (till 1733).


Size- somewhat larger than a 50p and thick as butter!

£ 1.50 each 10 for £11

Eight Reale Pieces- 'Pieces of Eight'


What's going on? Quite simple really, once those rough cut bits of silver (as well as bars) reached Europe they were melted once more and this time nice round coins were minted- these had various values, including these 8 reale coins. These were also referred to as 'Pieces of Eight'. These are, again, the best I could source.

£1 each or 10 for £8

Sewing Kit

Includes:- Scissors, linnen thread, needle and pins, wooden reels x5, beeswax, wooden needle case and box- choose from hinged box or slide top box (slide top box in dark or light colour).


Potion Sets-

Includes hinge top box  and 2x (2 inch high) glass potion bottles with vellum labels (can have written labels at no extra cost). 

£6 each

A recent commission for a potion set, something like this will cost about £25 depending on materials.



This one (featured:-for a well known Steampunk Author as a prop)

  •  stained pine box approx. 8x3x2 inches
  • 8x glass bottles with vellum labels, each 2 inches high
  • veg tanned goat skin leather lining
  • brass clasp
  • steel external plates aged by chemical oxidation
  • Wax 'Papal Seal'
  • outside pyrography to create impression of an 'interesting' past...

Calligraphy / Writing Box

11x11x3 inches (at widest points)




Lockable Box/ Keepsake Box


Stained pine box with brass key.


Approximately 8x7x2 inches